Features & Technology

Advanced features and cutting-edge video
technology make VConnect a preferred provider of
Video Calling services.
VConnect relies on proven video and audio technology to provide a robust platform for
video calling for business use. The ease of use through a single-click video calling makes it
simple to adopt and the end-to-end encryption protocols make it one of the most secure
services in the market.

Single Click

A single click on a web URL connects your customers to you. The weblink works on any modern browser to start the video or audio call. There is no app to download or any active component to install. It takes just a couple of seconds to put the call through.

Many popular video calling apps require you to download an app or register yourself before using their service. Most users are turned off by request to install an app or register and you tend to lose potential customers. Some people may not have the knowhow to download an app or some may find firewall issues that may prevent downloads.

Our weblink is a secure and quick way for your customer to establish a video call using their existing browser on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Single Click
Web Link

Customizable Web Link

A weblink is like a personal direct number that connects to you directly. The web URL also termed as the VCLink is automatically generated by the VConnect app you use to receive your customer call. Your app allows you to customize your VCLink and even generate a QR code that you can share with your customers.

A customizable link allows you to create an easy-to-remember URL, one that you can easily share on the phone without having to spell it out loudly.

VConnect channel tracking feature, when enabled, allows you to create URL variations to make your campaign tracking easier. The multiple variations are redirected to your primary URL but only after recording the campaign that initiated the call. This is an excellent feature your marketing department will love.

Service Hours

You can set the work hours for every person at the organization level or tailor it by department or individual. You receive the incoming call only during the service hours configured; outside of which your customers receive an off-hours message. Customers are free to leave a voice-message so that you never miss out on an incoming call. Optionally, they can also use the chat window to type a message.

A contact form can also be configured for off-hours to prompt customers to leave their details for a call back.

Setting service hours is an excellent way of letting your customers know your opening and closing time and also keeps your executives alert during work hours to entertain customer calls.

Service Hours
Contacts Directory

Contacts Directory

Your organization users are available in the contact list of your app by default. You may call anyone directly to get connected in a matter of seconds. Your call is completely secure and private.

Your contact directory is controlled by your company administrator and will always be updated with only active connections. Hence there is no maintenance required from your side to keep the directory updated.

Off-Line Greetings

Customers calling after service hours have multiple response channels in the form of a recorded greeting, a message with a form to provide details.

Individuals can record and set their own greeting messages or fall back on the default greeting for the organization. Customer responses are stored in the chat history of individuals and can also be emailed after each session.

When busy, calls can be forwarded to the off-line greetings to ensure that not a single call is missed.

Off-Line Greetings


VConnect gives you great dexterity in which you initiate and complete a call. We support almost all modern browsers so that your customer can always get to you without compatibility issues. You can also use your app or your browser to receive incoming calls. We have native apps for Apple as well as Android phones which work seamlessly.

Our apps have the full functionality to use and configure the service but as a backup you can always use our browser-based application to configure your settings and review your call history.


VConnect is built on a proprietary platform developed exclusively for video calling. It is built for high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing (using WebRTC) and has end-to-end encryption to ensure complete protection from eavesdropping.

Function Bandwidth Device Browser
Video Calling 250 Kbits/sec iOS 10
Android 5
Mac OS High Sierra or Mojave
Windows 10
iOS – Safari
Android – Chrome
Windows – Chrome
Audio Calling 100 Kbits/sec
Chat 30 Kbits/sec