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VConnect’s superior video technology gives you crystal clear images

An opportunity to earn 5-stars for your customer service

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Put a permanent smile on your customer’s face with your instant support made possible through our advanced video and audio technology. Show them step-by-step on a video-call session on how to resolve a problem. Be there to help but without having to be there in person.

Your customers can now walk you through their issues and listen to you on how to fix them. They do not have to wait for your visit, do it on a video-call. VConnect can take you to the home or office or even outdoors to your customers in a second.

An opportunity to earn 5-stars for your customer service by offering customers a direct video-call link to a service advisor.

Once you deliver your product for repair inspection, your customers don’t have to rely only on a phone call to take a decision. Show them the damage and the part that needs service or replacement. Let them take a decision on the spot or play back a recording of your call to a decision-maker.

VConnect’s superior video technology gives you crystal clear images accounting for your bandwidth availability. In low bandwidth situation resort to a lower consumption with audio.

Arm your team with VConnect app and they are ready to support any customer installation in the field. Your backup team in office can directly access your team and give them real time instructions based on video feed from the VConnect app.

Maintain a recording of the field visit for audit and training purposes. A small team in the back-office can service a large contingent each with a customized link.

Coming soon is the three-way conferencing that can connect an off-site customer with an on-site team and your back-office to give the best field support ever possible. Make our technology take your field support to a new level.

How it works

Help Desk

Customer support is set to change forever with the visual aids available on video conferencing sessions on VConnect’s proprietary technology. Customer support can now peep into the problem directly by asking the customer to show the screen and use it to guide them to fix the problem or provide remote support.

The security and privacy risks associated with screen-sharing and remote control can now be alleviated by showing the screen on a video call and then letting the customer walk through the remedial steps. This is a new trend made possible with video conferencing technology and one promoted by VConnect.

Support can be provided for just about anything, including electronic appliances such as SMART Televisions, IoT enabled appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and other.

Customer Support



Remote installation support via telephone is here to stay and many telecom operators that stopped physical visits for installation of routers and TV setup boxes may now upgrade to video calls.

VConnect technology is geared for remote installation for a large range of electronic appliances, computers accessories, mobile devices, and networking equipment. Guide your customer though video calls to install new routers, upgrade drivers on existing systems, configure IoT enabled devices with a combination of remote device control and visual guidance on video conferencing.

Cut the cost of installations and the time to serve a large number of customers with our proprietary and advanced video conferencing technology that is so easy and simple to use. All you need is send a customized click to connect to your customer.

Service Centre

A remote assessment may ensure that the device does not have to return to the workshop during the warranty period. Video conferencing can guide to identify the issue and self-help the customer to fix it. Customer support can take a decision to recall to the workshop for repair or send a replacement after the visual inspection and diagnoses.

Make a repair estimate remotely with the help of VConnect’s video conferencing technology and get customer approval before retrieving the device for repairs. Video conferencing can help cut the TAT (Turn Around Time) and cost of repair operations.

Service centres and repair workshops can get instant approval from customers by showing them the damage on their appliances through our proprietary video conferencing technology. Customers do not have decide blindly because a visual will help to decide faster and with more trust.

Service Centre