On the spot presence to inspect and survey is just a click away.

Get a visual report on the situation right from your home, office or command centre.

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On the spot surveys and inspections are only a click away. Your customer does not have to wait endlessly for the surveyor to show up or you do not have to visit your sites for a visual inspection. No need to match schedules for an inspection or a survey. You can do it taking into consideration each other’s convenience and schedule.

Inspection for site readiness or just about any activity that needs a visual check can be done smoothly and speedily with VConnect video calling. You have your phone to be your eyes and ears for remote inspection.

Vconnect is built on proprietary technology developed exclusively for video conferencing and for single-click use and this gives you the edge over other commercial applications that are generic in nature.

How it works

Facility Management

A regular oversight of facilities can be greatly enhanced with visual inspection either by staff stationed in the premise or by visiting inspectors. VConnect videoconferencing is a solution that can help you adhere to corporate standards and government regulations for hygienic environment.

Restaurants, café, ice-cream parlours, retail store-front, store-house and many similar facilities need regular visual inspection which can benefit from our videoconferencing tool. The ease of use makes easy adoption and a zero learning curve ensures that manpower turnover does not impact compliance.

Vconnect state-of-the art technology guarantees a clear and audible interaction with the facility to maintain a recording for audit and reporting.

Facility Management


Settle claims faster with an on-the-spot survey using our video conferencing solution that enables your surveyor to be at the scene instantly. Car accidents and other incidents can be immediately assessed by your team in a matter of minutes without a delay.

Ideal for insurance companies, auditors, assessors, and others that require to conduct a physical survey. The VConnect app gives you the ability to complete your task without leaving your office, or you could be at two sites as the same time, one physical and the other virtually. The crystal clear video and audio give you the same level of confidence as being in person.

The ease of use of VConnect single-click makes the process smooth and simple. A personal URL links you directly to any customer in a matter of seconds. The customer does not need to download any app or learn new technology, as a simple click on any browser can instantly establish a video connection.

Security Services

Increase your vigil with VConnect video conferencing tool that lets your control room have an instant access to any security incident or breach. Reach your security patrol with a click to get an on the spot assessment of the situation before a suitable response.

Security personnel with VConnect solution can patrol more securely and safely when they know a visual contact is just a matter of seconds with our video technology that works well with cellular networks. When you are in the cellular coverage you are also in the eyes and ears of your control room that can respond to your situation instantly.

VConnect is geared to work with varying bandwidth networks and the technology enables encryption and compression to give you a good video and audio transmission. Recording helps maintain the record for reporting and analysis.

Security Services