One Click Answer To Your Video Calling Needs

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  • Let your customer connect to you directly with a single click. No software to download.
    VConnect brings unsurpassed speed to your interaction starting with a single-click calling that directly rings the app at the receivers ends faciliating instant communication.
  • Send a QR Code or a URL to connect to you, it cannot be simpler than this.
    All you need is a QR code or an embedded link on your website to let them connect to you. Simplicity encourages interaction, so you have higher and faster interactions.
  • All communications are confidential and encrypted during transmission to prevent eavesdropping.
    VConnect high-level encryption algorithm ensures complete confidentiality of your conversation, both video and audio. You can be sure that only the persons in the call will know what is transpiring.
  • Integration with your website, mobile apps or enterprise applications gives you flexibility to deploy where you need
    VConnect technology expertise goes deep in helping you integrate wherever you need to make the best use of video calling There is no boundary to where and how you can use the instant video calling for business.

Business Video Calling. Bring Customers Closer



Give your customer the link to discuss with you face to face and close business remotely without having to travel. Ideal for automobile sales, real estate brokers, equipment, furniture. Close sales faster by giving them the direct video calling facility



A personal touch is must when giving expert advice to your customers. Help them to get in touch with you with a single click and consult you for advice on investment, insurance, wealth-management. Personal counseling is more effective in one-on-one confidential session made possible with VConnect solutions.




Walk your customers through a product demonstration or troubleshooting process using a single click video call. The video is sharp, and the audio is clear. Visual aids help in solving problems faster with the help of video calls. Get a higher customer satisfaction score.



Control your restaurants, stores, or just about any
facility through remote monitoring. Make a direct call to site supervisor to ensure all is well. Ensure complete quality control on your operations with remote monitoring. Keep your facilities secure with an on demand call to ensure security compliance. Get site surveys done for insurance claims with the help of VConnect solutions.




Remote healthcare is only a video call away. Diagnose and prescribe through a simple click with no software to download, your patient can connect to you faster. They don’t have to visit you to get assistance. Supervise Physiotherapy sessions without having to visit them or to come to you. Help take personal care with expert guidance delivered through VConnect sessions.


  • Electric Way
    Customers can reach us directly at anytime during the day with a single-click. It has helped increase sales productivity. Our complete sales now have their own personal video-call URL.
    Electric Way
  • Sabah Fiaz
    The ease of use has encouraged more feedback from callers reporting faults with public kiosks. They just scan the QR code and the call is connected.
    Sabah FiazEmqube LLC

No Software Required

Your caller does not require any app to make calls, it needs only a browser.
To receive calls, download the app from App Store or Play Store or use the browser.

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